Non-Shrinking and Free Flowing Grouts
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We offer a new range of Grouting Cement including Non-Shrinking and Free Flowing Grouts. This Grouting Cement Shrinkkomp 20, 30, 40. is composed of an expansive hydraulic setting binder and select-graded aggregates which are developed exclusively for grouting machine and column foundations. It provides high structural stability to the machine and prevents any base vibration during operation.

We provide a wide range of no binder Ceramic Fiber Modules with following specifications:

Features 20 Free Flow High Strength
Grain Si/e (Max. Size of aggregate) (mm) 0-3
Water (%) 13-15
Compressive Strength (MPa) (on 40 x 40 x 160 mm prisms)  
12 Hours  
1 Day 10
3 Days 28
7 Days 38
28 Days 50
Linear Expansion (%), max (ASTMC 806-80)  
Free 0.2
Restrained 0.12
Yield (slurry in liters) (50 Kg of dry grout) 25
Packaging (HDPE bag with liner) 50 kg
Its various applications are:
  • Anchoring of machine base plates and bridge bearings.
  • Permanent anchoring of bolts.
  • Providing structural strength to the machine base and column foundation.
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