Cool Home Heat Proof Powder Coating
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Apply on your house and you can enjoy the entire summer with natural coolness and cool breeze from ceiling fans. Cool Home can be applied on RCC slabs, ACC sheets, GI sheets etc. The coating acts as an insulator and keep the underneath portion cool all the time. You can feel the difference practically by standing bare foot on a hot summer day on Cool Home coated RCC slab. You can stay inside the Cool Home coated premises comfortably on a hot summer day even during power-cut times.
Application of the Cool Home mixture :
Wash the surface to be coated with water and using wire brush thoroughly. Apply the Cool Home mixture on the above thoroughly cleaned and dried surface with the help of a brush. After applying the first coat in the morning, leave the surface for 8 hours and sprinkle water on it. Clean the coated surface with smooth broom and spray/sprinkle water before applying the second coat after 8-24 hours. After applying second coat leave the surface for 8 hours and sprinkle water on it. Note:
  • Spray water gently, do not pour water at random on the coated area.
  • Do not apply the Cool Home coating when the surface is hot (exposed to hot sun) or during rain.
  • Keep the Cool Home crystals air tight when partly used.
  • For Galvanized iron (GI) Sheets and Asbestos Cement (ACC) Sheets, take 6 litres of water instead of 8 litres and apply only one coating moving the brush along the direction of flow of water.
  • Always keep the coated surface free from dust & other particles by cleaning it with a smooth broom for the performance of coating.
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